Empowering healthcare innovation

with expert insights

Inlightened is the go-to platform for innovators to seamlessly connect with top healthcare professionals.

Human-centric and

Inlightened bridges the knowledge gap in healthcare innovation with comprehensive solutions placing experts at the forefront. We provide client organizations access to on-demand expertise, via an unparalleled network of curated, vetted, and engaged healthcare professionals. 

Our experts — including clinicians, industry executives, payers, policymakers, scientists, and engineers — span all ethnicities, geographies, and experience levels, but have one thing in common. They believe that knowledge is a precious resource that is most powerful when shared.

Tech-enabled and
self-service features

Our SaaS platform streamlines administrative tasks, making self-service effortless. With tech-enabled search, screening, scheduling, and secure payments, users can stay focused on what matters most: Transforming the future of healthcare.

Create customized projects and surveys
Search for and find experts in minutes
Seamlessly schedule and pay experts in-app

Inlightenment comes in many forms

Whether you need consulting, advisory, or market research, our curated network of experts provides the insights you need to drive your projects forward.

Connects client companies to a global pool of 500,000 professionals
Provides expertise from more than 100 specialties
Holds affiliations with the 20 largest life sciences organizations worldwide

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