Healthcare innovation,

executed expertly

Inlightened bridges the knowledge gap between the boldest innovators and the brightest clinical minds

Inlightened facilitates responsible disruption,
by breaking the bottleneck in healthcare innovation

Our solution is the only SaaS marketplace of curated, vetted, and engaged clinicians and healthcare professionals, passionate about helping client companies succeed. Inlightened is committed to changing the way healthcare innovation works — or historically hasn’t worked — by prioritizing diversity, transparency, and quality.


Tech-enabled features

The Inlightened platform handles vetting, contracting, scheduling, and payments, so our network of innovators and experts can focus on impacting healthcare for the better.

Collaborative community and messaging
Seamless scheduling and payment
On-demand and searchable subject matter expertise

Inlightenment comes in many forms

Clinical trial research
Content creation
Due diligence
Product development
Strategic guidance
Thought leadership

Further Inlightenment

September 15, 2021

Shelli Pavone, featured as one of the upstart entrepreneurs redefining the American Dream, co-founded Inlightened to bridge the gap between healthcare knowledge and innovation.

August 22, 2023

Even though serious acquisition talks came “many years earlier” than she anticipated, Pavone says Inlightened has found its match. Here's how she knew and made the deal happen.

April 4, 2024

Inlightened is proud to be part of and the Jackson Healthcare® family of companies, recognized by Fortune Media and Great Place To Work for exceptional workplace culture.