Where innovators and experts meet

Inlightened advances healthcare innovation by connecting the brightest clinical minds to the boldest innovators

Inlightened facilitates responsible disruption

Our solution brings together companies seeking subject matter expertise and clinical specialists interested in shaping the future of their fields.

Tech-enabled features

We handle vetting, contracting, scheduling and payments, so our network of innovators and experts can focus on impacting healthcare for the better.

Collaborative community
Seamless scheduling and payment
On-demand expertise

Inlightenment comes in many forms

Competitive intelligence
Content creation
Due diligence
Product development
Strategic guidance
Thought leadership

Further Inlightenment

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Ayòbámi Olúfadéjì, MD, MBA, on the organization he founded to build capacity and improve healthcare access, delivery, and quality in Nigeria.

February 9, 2021

Inlightened CEO Shelli Pavone is tackling the knowledge gap in healthtech innovation by ensuring diverse viewpoints are better represented.

April 2, 2021

Inlightened co-founders Shelli Pavone and Michelle Higginson on the importance of looking outside your network, thinking like all users, and intentionally sourcing against your biases.