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Diverse perspectives in healthcare innovation: A webinar with DiMe

How can healthcare innovators be sure they have the right experts guiding their decisions? Are companies effectively considering the diverse challenges and needs of their audience in developing solutions?

Inlightened CEO and Co-founder Shelli Pavone joined Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)’s) Jen GoldsackInspired Health Strategies’ Dyan Bryson, and Dr. Kevin Ban of Walgreens for an August 5th webinar to discuss these questions and more.

The Importance of Sourcing Diverse Expertise in Healthcare Innovation: Best Practices and Actionable Steps

The DiMe webinar addressed how diverse patient perspectives and clinical guidance are critical to healthcare innovation, and explored ways to reach outside of one’s immediate network in order to access essential insights. Presenters:

    • Discussed the special considerations that must be made in order to disrupt responsibly
    • Provided the best practices and actionable steps on bridging knowledge gaps between healthcare innovators and experts
    • Offered guidance to drive the adoption of viable, scalable solutions that meet the needs of both patients and providers

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