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Mentoring: Value, impact, & transformative tips

Inlightened is founded on the belief that every individual has valuable experience, knowledge, and insight to offer, and our goal is to democratize access to that insight. We do this by connecting our community of leading healthcare professionals and client companies for paid consulting and research opportunities. 

We’ve had the privilege of building the Inlightened network to include some of healthcare’s most exceptional leaders, boasting valuable and impactful mentoring experience. Read on to learn more about what they have to say on the importance of mentoring for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and how to maximize your impact.

Advisors are not created equal, but they are all in a position to influence

Drs. Kameron Matthews and Alden Landry co-founded Tour for Diversity in Medicine to promote careers in healthcare to underrepresented minorities.

The idea was that, in order to truly evaluate and feel motivated to consider a future in healthcare, students — specifically from disadvantaged communities of color — needed to engage with people they could find commonality with. There are incredible advisors out there — many of whom we have the privilege of working with — but the work we are doing is to go beyond advisory. We are mentoring, role modeling, and banishing imposter syndrome.

Learn more about their remarkable non-profit. 

Paying it forward to peers

After witnessing the power of mentorship and advisory firsthand, Dr. Karen Leitner made a career change from clinical leadership and patient care to pay it forward. She now coaches women physicians, leveraging coaching tools to empower peers to take accountability and control over their own lives. Dr. Leitner has coached over 200 women physicians through her 8-week program, “How to Feel Better“.

“I decided that the tools of coaching are too valuable not to share with other women physicians, many of whom are acutely suffering right now; both because of the pandemic [after effects] but also chronically, as evidenced by the high numbers of female doctors leaving medicine and experiencing burnout.”

Dr. Leitner’s coaching venture has grown tremendously since its early days.

From practice to podcast

Erkeda DeRouenDr. Erkeda DeRouen has always had a passion for mentorship, as demonstrated over her career through one-on-one relationships, organizational leadership, panels, speaking engagements, and lectures. This made her the perfect candidate to take over The Prospective Doctor podcast, the essence of which she has honored, with the addition of her own authentic spin.

“It has been one of the honors of a lifetime to be able to connect real-life stories with everyday heroes in order to encourage, motivate, and uplift the next generation of physicians.”

Hot topics, unique perspectives, and more in medicine.

Fostering change for future leaders

Rebecca Woods

Rebecca Woods founded Bluebird Leaders with the intention of creating a space for women in health information technology (health IT). After witnessing the lack of diversity and female leadership in her field, Rebecca was passionate about supporting change by providing the resources, community, and inspiration women need to be health IT leaders and experts. Her vision has flourished as Bluebird Leaders continues to create a unique opportunity for health IT professionals with the second annual S.O.A.R conferences, peer groups, and the launch of their mentor/mentee program. 

 “I want to bring more women — the largest sector of the healthcare workforce — not only into health IT, but also to executive leadership teams. All too often, I am the only woman in the room when the C-suite or Directors meet. As I was coming up the ranks in health IT, I was very fortunate to have had several amazing mentors along the way who inspired me. Now, it’s time to give back and set the example so that we can see more young women entering and succeeding in health IT.”

Learn more about the start of Bluebird Leaders and sign up for SOAR.

Check out more mentorship-minded Inlightened experts below, or contact us to connect with our broader network of HCPs.

“As a podcast host, I have had the privilege of interviewing high-achieving physician entrepreneurs. From my interviews, I have learned that it is better to take the leap of faith and calculated risks than to wake up in your 60s and asking what ifs?”

Anish Y. Desai, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine physician and hospitalist. hosts “The Underdog Physician“, a podcast focused on mentoring medical professionals, fostering physician entrepreneurship, and recognizing unique ways to serve society.

Michelle DeLizio Podlesni, RN, is a serial nurse entrepreneur, accomplished business leader, bestselling author, and President of the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA), the premier nurse entrepreneurship organization dedicated to advancing nurses’ roles in business. Driven by a passion for mentoring and propelling the success of others, she is a widely sought-after business coach, consultant, and speaker, known for her ability to champion nurses toward advancing or re-inventing their careers. She is a mentor with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

David Peckinpaugh, MS, is a leading management professional and Head Coach of 1COACH, where he provides online coaching and training for managers. Passionate about leadership development, employee wellness, and process improvement, he is known for empowering managers, introducing innovative care models, and motivational interviewing.

Tony Zhang PhD, MS, MBA, is an international consultant with a wealth of experience across pharmaceutical marketing, sales, business development, and training. He is dedicated to developing the next generation of product and sales leaders, and has coached more than 50,000 professionals over the past two decades.